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 KUBAS Songbook Index Rev11 New: Rev11 March 2020

  KUBAS Consolidated

 Songbook 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 & Bonus New: Rev16 March 2020

  KUBAS Songbook 1

 KUBAS Songbook 2
 KUBAS Songbook 3
  KUBAS Songbook 4
  KUBAS Songbook 5
  KUBAS Songbook 6

  KUBAS Songbook 7
 KUBAS Songbook 8
 KUBAS Songbook 9
 KUBAS Songbook 10   New: Rev1 Feb 2020
  KUBAS Bonus Songbook
Beatles  KUBAS Beatles Songbook

  KUBAS Christmas Songbook


Picking TAB Documents

MP3: Fur Elise with I Will Survive

PDF: Picking TAB document - Fur Elise with I Will Survive


PDF Picking TAB document - Godfather Theme


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