Pearse Halpenny (Stage Name: Michael Pearse)


A great entertainer and friend Pearse Halpenny passed away on Friday 1st April 2016.

He will be sadly missed by all his friends he made along the way.

It was a great honour for myself to host a "Celebrate a Member" night with Pearse at the Kent Magicians Guild (KMG) on 27th October 2015.


Click "here" for a photographic tribute including his well known jokes.


Pearse's unique Irish "Comedy Juggler" routine has entertained audiences for many years. Pearse has performed at various magic and juggling conventions including:


 1993 : 6th British Juggling Convention Birmingham

 1997 : Blackpool Magic Convention

 2008 : Ipswich Magical Society Convention

 2009 : Scottish Association of Magical Societies Annual Convention

 2013 : Wessex Magical Association Convention


Pearse won the 1997 Blackpool Magic Convention Comedy Award at the age of 64.

This was presented by Ken Dodd. Ken made a comment that Pearse was the best "youngest" comedy act that he had the pleasure in watching.


Pearse reminisced with the KMG members about his life in show business and the members were truly amazed with his interesting and amusing stories.


David Akhurst on behalf of the KMG presented Pearse with their most prestigious award "The 9ct Irish Gold Juggling Club" for the best comedy juggler of all time and his outstanding services to show business.   As you can see in the photograph the Irish gold was tested with the availability of the 9 carrots it was constructed from!


Thank you Pearse for all the smiles and laughter you brought to us all.